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Foreign Investment to Bangladesh

We process foreign Investment in Bangladesh in any proposed, existing and potential sector. We can guarantee very easy and smooth transition for any foreign investor which includes Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) and Work permit visa for Investor or Family, company licensing and ready Complexes. We also provide all logistical support at Bangladesh for the foreign investor.

Bureaucratic support

Foreign Investors are always welcome in our country. To facilitate their investment we support all relevant bureaucratic assistance to make this happen. It includes government approval, government liaison, connectivity and memberships with investment boards and investor groups, infrastructural assistance business premises and corporate office setup, transportation and all other relevant supports as it requires based on the nature of investments.

Legal Support

We provide legal and logistical support for:

    1. Company formation and Registration;
    1. Foreign trade and investment;
    1. Bangladesh visa, work permit and Permanent Resident ship;
    1. Deed, Rent contracts and Agreements;
    1. Property registration, Transfer and Mutation;
    1. Power of Attorney etc.

Company Registration for Foreigners

A complete support for company registration in Bangladesh including Board of Investment (BOI) certificate, Joint Stock Exchange registration and Chamber of Commerce memberships etc.

Local Agent, Lobbyist and Negotiations for Foreign Companies

We do Negotiations with local company/ Organization / Authorities / Govt . for foreign companies etc. Bangladesh is a Developing Country in South Asia. We have lot of upcoming Infrastructure development projects like Bridge, Express way, Elevated Way, Sub way and Railway, Utility, Energy and River development and our government asking for ‘Government to Government’ and ‘Public Private Partnership’ funding. Local Contractor needs the Multi-National partnership investment has real opportunity to start over as we are Negotiator and Local Agent for Multinational Companies.
We are looking for well established & reputed ‘Construction Companies/Contractors’ from Abroad to participate in Bangladesh construction field. Foreign Contractor/ Company can do Business in Bangladesh on the basis of ‘G-to-G’ (Government-to- Government), BOOT (Built-Own-Operate-Transfer), PPP (Private Public Partnership), EPC open tender bidding and also on the basis of direct quotation with Bangladesh Army SWO (Special Works Organization), also with other special authority and Organization.

Logistical Support for Foreigners

We can provide complete support to rent or buy office/residence Spaces and decoration, adequate manpower, relevant equipments and transportations for foreign company in Bangladesh.

Visa Renewal for Foreigners

Work permit extension and renewal for foreign workers and visitors can legally be process with due diligence.

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